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Advantage of field force management app on your device
Feb 20, 2021 No Comments admin

Advantage of field force management app on your device

No matter how much the digital revolution has altered consumers’ purchasing habits, the active involvement of humans will continue to involve certain items. For example, like selling insurance, many of us still want to speak to a human, even if they have their vital uses, rather than a bot. When we are talking to a living being in person, asking questions, nodding along, we feel relaxed.
When a salesman sells something directly, he is known as a Direct Sales Agent instead of going through channels such as wholesale (DSA). He is a field salesperson and a team of such salespeople is called a field force or a field sales team if he is physically going from door to door, trying to persuade people to purchase his product.
The Need for Field Force Management Software
Without a field force, certain firms can’t prosper. Going door to door is key for them. Field sales come with their advantages (like a real person’s trust), but also with some difficulties. For one, it is very difficult to track the activities of the team. You just can’t say what’s going on beyond your office walls as your sales team heads out for business that day. You don’t know whether they’re at McDonald’s enjoying a burger and an ice-cold soda, or even worse, whether they’re doing little errands for their own private companies.
Such diversions are all too common, and your field sales team’s strict monitoring and tracking often determines its success or failure, particularly when you consider the amount of money, apart from the time of course, going to power your field sales. This entails the ongoing costs of gassing up field equipment, as well as many others, such as mobile bills, food bills, marketing material costs, etc. The above is just one of many perspectives on why direct selling teams need field force management, especially when they exist in large numbers and in multiple locations. Without even being there, how do you keep an unblinking eye on field sales activity?
Field Force Management Software is the easy answer to these questions. By monitoring their activities, travel, meetings, and more, it lets you handle the entire field sales team. It keeps you in the loop with what you want to know and makes an effective unit of your field sales.
Here are some of the features that make applications for field management an extremely important part of the management of field forces.
Essential Field Force Management Platform Features
Technology investing provides both short-term and long-term benefits. Tracking isn’t the only thing you can expect from applications for field management. By optimising their routes, meetings, and plans for the day, it also helps you direct your field sales reps to be more efficient and profitable.

  • Understands Your Leads Better- You can monitor your lead’s actions and operations from your mobile phone with a field management app. This includes the websites they have visited, the links they have clicked on your website, the time they have spent on those pages, and also what portion of your deals they are interested in.
  • Work on the Go- The mobile design of the programme for field force management means that you and your sales reps in the field can operate from anywhere. The mobile app helps you to seamlessly sync calls, emails and texts with the mobile apps on your mobile phone.
  • Travel with your team with geo-tracking- You do not have to physically be there with your team to know what they are doing on the field with a geo-tracking enabled field force management app. The locations they travel to, the distance they travel, the people they meet, and you can sit in your office and track anything on your desktop.
  • Find leads nearest to your sales reps- with lead’s position tracking, optimise your route better. Although the programme will include a recommendation of leads occurring in the same location in a new location for a meeting. This could result in much smaller travel miles for more meetings.
  • Enable your Field Force Work Offline- For sales reps, it is not unusual to find themselves in places without an internet connection. This should not be a justification why important sales operations cannot be carried out, so it is the only CRM in the world that offline syncs important data.


It is not a piece of cake to handle a vast field power. One aspect is to keep a close eye on what they do, and another is to train them to be more successful. The icing on the cake is real-time alerts and monitoring. You not only create a dynamic field force, but a more connected ecosystem by introducing a solid field force management system, one that runs on both desktop and mobile platforms and synchronises seamlessly with your CRM.

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