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Digital Marketing to grow your online sale
Jan 19, 2018 No Comments admin

Digital Marketing to grow your online sale

If you are working to increase online Sales, you need to start trying techniques that your competitors have not even thought of yet. To do this you need to test both creative as well as time tested ways. The trying out should be both self-tested as well as based on research.

In case your conversions increases, Keep it. In case it doesn’t then you should move to another way.

At Infymax we try to understand the challenges our clients are facing and we try and communicate our contents to specific Target audiences across Facebook. Our methodology is based on detailed research by our dedicated team on content consumptions, content Age groups, Location and Zone. We also incorporate the latest techniques on SEO Optimization, Google add words and SEO Tags.

The Seven Step Approach which Infymax Follows

  • Define Goals and Identify Tools to Measure the Optimum Results
  • Research Target Audience to Identify Relevant Channels
  • Create Content that Addresses Buyer Persona Pain Points
  • Build a Content Library for Various Channels
  • Create a Timeline and an Action Plan
  • Evaluate Results and Improve Your Strategy


Some Interesting Facts on Face Book

92 Million Facebook Users make India the second Largest Country

Average Facebook User Spends 55 Minutes per day

Facebook Fan Box Becoming Pervasive

Average Facebook User has 200 Friends

Average Facebook user Fans 10 pages per month


Infymax Methodology

  • Run Strategic Campaign * Help to reach your offers or deals to your target audience for maximum exposure and engagement.
  • Design Communication Strategy * Will be targeted to communicate your objective to the targeted audience
  • Boost Post * Help target the specific audience and reach more people.
  • Targeted Add * Help target the specific audience.
  • Sponsored Add and Coupons * Get people to claim your ads and engage with the post


Desired Results

  • Brand Awareness & Promotion
  • Buzz Creation and Engagement
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Conversion


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