StudoSmart – An effective communication And Student Tracking Solution

In this fast paced world where both parents are working, there tends to be a communication gap between parents and the school. Parents are unable to keep track of their child’s activities in school due to their busy schedule. They are dependent only on the traditional techniques of parent-teacher meeting or a phone call.

StudoSmart is an effective communication application that helps educational institutes in attaining their objective of holistic development of their students while maintaining their overall well-being. The system will also enable parents to get regular updates of their child through the mobile application.

StudoSmart uses efficient technological modules for student tracking that helps parents to keep track of the location and attendance of their children whilst utilizing intuitive portals to keep a check on their school performance.


  • Attendance details.
  • Student in transit tracking information.
  • Student weekly or monthly growth report in communication style.
  • Student quiz given to parents for knowledge growth of children.
  • School polling for parents for implementation of any new system in school.
  • Notification of school events to parents.
  • Instant notification when a student enters the school.
  • Communication between teachers and student/parents via mobile app.